How to Install Android Apps/Games in YouWave

If you missed my last update, then I shared a detailed guide on how to free download YouWave for PC officially and get over with its installation procedure on Windows 8/8.1/7 powered laptop or computer. Now, it’s time to learn how to install Android apps in YouWave software.

Yes, the Android apps and I’m talking of the same. This guide will be similar at 100% for Android games too. So, if you were looking for a tutorial to help you install Android games on PC using YouWave, then you’re still at the perfect place.

Android Game YouWave Installation Procedure

The process is quite simple and the only thing you need to do here is to follow the below-mentioned instructions.

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How to Install Android Apps/Games in YouWave

Following are the simple instructions you need to go through, as it is. Make sure you don’t try to jump on any step and get fallen into some kind of weird error.

Step 1 – Click on the software’s shortcut and start it. If it’s the first time, then it will run a pop-up first, and you’ve to select the Trial Version option from that screen.

1 YouWave Free Download

Step 2 – Once the software is running, you’ll see a screen on right and bunch of controllers on the left. Click on the Menu button at the right side, and then on Browser application. This is just like using an Android device, which you’re already familiar with.

2 Install Android App on PC using YouWave

Step 3 – Now, enter the website URL of Play store, i.e., You can also use the Google search engine to open this website.

3 Android App YouWave Installation

Step 4 – Once the website is opened, enter the name of any app or game you wish to install or select it from different available categories. Just make sure that this is the app/game you wish to use.

YouWave Google Play Login

Step 5 – Once the app/game is selected, it’s listing will be available at your screen. Now, hit the Install button ahead. A pop-up will appear, asking you to authorize your access to Google’s ecosystem and for that, you need to login using a Google account.

That’s it! The moment you get over with the Google account login, the app/game starts downloading and then it will be installed on its own. Once it gets over with that process, it will be available to be launched at the same area from where you launch the Browser app on the first.

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Since, there is no official Play store app installed in YouWave software, so, we’ve to access the store through its website. I hope the process was simple enough that you can remember it in future. If not, this tutorial will always be available at your service. Just remember our blog’s name.

I now it’s with BlueStacks Tutorial because that’s the best Android emulator a man can have, at this moment. I hope you check other informative tutorials on this blog too. Peace.