How to Get Free Download YouWave for PC

It’s not best of my intention to recommend any Android emulator software other than BlueStacks app player. But, the fact that you’re eager to try this YouWave, then you left me no choice than to help you with this. This guide is going to help you free download YouWave for PC and get it installed.

First of all, you need to be aware of every best option you’re having. You can check my coverage over here concluding best BlueStacks alternatives. Also, if you need convincing reasons to get started with BlueStacks, then you can check the unbiased review I shared it over here.


Anyways getting back to the tutorial over here. You need to proceed like I’m writing. I’m about to write everything in simple to follow steps and I can assure that you’ll not find any issues at all. I’m confident because you’re about to learn the requirement part which is crucial and I’m hoping that you come out with 100% compatibility result.

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Prerequisite (means requirements)

This part needs to be taken seriously because it will ensure that you don’t find any issues, whatsoever while trying your best to install YouWave on computer/laptop. First thing first, the software is only available for Windows platform till now. So, there is no YouWave for Mac available.

The Windows system which can be compatible with this software needs to have at least 2GB RAM, HD compatible graphic driver and at least 5GB of free storage left in C Drive. The resolution of the display monitor attached should be at least HD.

Not too much to ask for, right? This is a computer/laptop that is ready to handle the software.

Download YouWave New Version – Android 4.2

Getting the software downloaded is very easy and free of cost. Yes, you don’t need to pay the premium price or any other, at this moment. If you were looking to get the Android 4.2 version of YouWave or any of the latest available one, then we all are out of luck. Because, it is still running on 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. 

YouWave for PC Free Download

Click on the link added above and you’ll reach the official website of the software. I’ve added the website instead of the link so that you can have trust to be redirected on an official and genuine website.

Over there, follow the download button and the software’s installer file will begin downloading. Since, it’s available in the offline format, it may take longer time than usual small software.

How to Install YouWave for Windows Computer/Laptop

To get over with the installation process of YouWave on laptop/computer, you need to follow the simple instructions. If I planned on writing every included step, then you’d have made fun of me. At least, after getting done with the process on your own!

It means, the process is easy and you need to start with double clicking on the installer file downloaded just now. It will launch a pop-up, which will ask you to click on Run button. Does it ring any bells?


Now, it’s time to accept the license agreement and proceed with clicking Next button. Keep on doing the same until you finally find the Finish button to be clicked. Click on the same and you’re done.

You are ready to start using YouWave on Windows laptop/computer now. So, click on its shortcut at desktop or Start, and it will be running.


At the first screen, it will ask the Free Trial option to be selected and once you make the selection, it will be running at your service.

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Note – It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to download YouWave for Windows 8 or 8.1 or to install YouWave on Windows 7 system, the method will remain as it is, even on Windows 10 systems.

Reasons to Use YouWave on PC

The best reason I can come up is that the software is a premium product and it works with lesser CPU resources, compared to other emulators available in the market. Yes, it can work on a system which is incompatible to run either BlueStacks or Andy or any other Android emulator for the case.

The thing which isn’t so good about this software is that it still uses an older version of Android operating system. It is yet to receive the Android 4.2 update when we’re using Android KitKat on BlueStacks and 4.3 Jelly Bean on Andy emulator. Just to update you, YouWave works on Ice Cream Sandwich version.


The installation is very simple and requires an offline installer file by default. This clearly means that you need to get it for once and then the same file can be used to deal with the installation procedure on any number of compatible systems.

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The premium version is definitely a bad thing for many of us, but it still offers 10 days of free trial, with fully activated features. These 10 days are enough to decide whether or not to choose the premium one. Definitely, the paid one comes with a dedicated support.


So, guys, this was the tutorial coverage from my side, helping you to free download YouWave for PC/laptop. I hope you found success through this process and are now ready to use the software at your end. Did anyone of you use it on the newly released Windows 10? If yes, then please share your experience in the discussion section. Stay tuned!