Download Real Racing 3 for PC/Mac [with Video]

An EA game means a quality one, no matter which device you’re playing it on and its Real Racing 3 is the real the gem when it comes to the smartphone specific ones. If you want, you can get it for computer or laptop systems, and I’m sharing a tutorial on the same, i.e., how to download Real Racing 3 for PC.

The game can only be found on the Google play and iTunes app store (only for iPhone and iPad). So, if you’re looking to download Real Racing 3 for Windows Phone, or even Windows (7/8/8.1/10) PC/laptop system, you can’t have it officially.

5 RR3 PC Game Download

Although, if you can satisfy playing Real Racing 2 on Mac, then it is available over the official App Store for Mac. The same goes for the case of Windows Phone running devices, i.e., Real Racing 2 game is available.

But, the real deal is this third version, which isn’t available for Windows/Mac platform. Not to worry, it can be played on the computer platform, using the tutorial I’m sharing over here. I’ll try my best to share complete information, but you’re allowed to skip and read the parts you’re interested in.

Yes, we’ll be using Play app store Real Racing 3 game version on PC.

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Your job throughout the process is to follow the simple steps I’ll be compiling over here and make sure you don’t trigger anything which can cause any error. Even if you find any, write it in the discussion section, describe it, and I’ll come up with a custom solution, if possible to solve the dead end.

Real Racing 3 PC Game Review

I can assure that you’ll be searching Google for two things, after playing this game. First, RR3 game cheats, and Real Racing 3 car guide. But, looking for such help won’t be fine, as once you’re aware of the tricks, the fun will not be that genuine and of that level.

So, I recommend to start and continue playing it without any tricks and see how far you can go. It will test everything you know about car racing games and will make sure you learn a lot of new things.

6 Real Racer 3 PC Game Download for Free

That’s how I wanted to describe Real Racing 3 game to you, and I just did. You can take two things out of that explanation. First, it is extremely hard to play. Second, it is extremely addictive that you won’t stop playing.

At the starting itself, it becomes pretty clear, that you’ve to win races in order to survive and proceed ahead with trophies, money and pride. You can’t even afford to lose a single race, otherwise it will move back your progression.

Graphics, animations, and perfectly matching sound effects are always there to maintain the addictiveness. The sound effects and every visual are very real and almost inspired by the real life-related events. In fact, the attributes you’ll find inside, like the name of race tracks, and events, are all inspired by real life objects.

The cars available inside needs to be updated regularly and they also need to be washed up for maintaining a top-notch performance. Yes, you’ve to deal with engine level of upgrades and everything requires in-game currency to be invested.

The cars available inside RR3 game, are also inspired by real life cars and even their engine details, upgrades and audio-visuals combination are as per their real-life available units. You’ll see official advertisements from automobile industry brands, which will further increase the fun.

Download Real Racing 3 for Laptop Computer

In short, everything is real, and the game really fits it a name, perfectly. Get ready to have an experience which is never forgettable and always addicted with.

Prerequisite to Get RR3 for PC

This part is existing to make sure you don’t find any errors while trying to play Real Racing 3 on computer/laptop. The errors are common because the game doesn’t belong to the platform, officially, and we’re trying to make it possible through the help of an Android emulator software.

Now, if something goes wrong with that software, there will be a list of errors, you’ll be dealing with. So, to make sure you don’t find any, you need to ensure a clean installation of that software.

Now, to ensure that its PC requirements are to be completed. BlueStacks is the one we’ll be using in this case because it is 100% legit, has elegant UI, works at a decent performance and totally secure.

To run BlueStacks without any error on Windows, you need to check my guide (already linked in the previous line). That guide holds to every required information. In short, the system requires needs to have at least 4GB RAM, 5-10GB free storage in C Drive, updated graphic driver, and capability to run full HD media content.

That was the story for Windows (7/8/8.1/10) powered computer and laptop, but when it comes to Mac, you can ensure the compatibility by checking just one thing. The system shouldn’t be older than 2013, and must be running on latest software updates released by Apple.

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I just hope that everything is found to be compatible and you are ready to proceed with the installation procedure. For your ease, I’ve divided it into two sections, depending on the platform. But, 90% of the process is same for both.

Video Tutorial to Install RR3 Game on PC

A video tutorial will be of much help, as you’ll be able to watch everything working at your end, in visuals. So, I’ve attached the YouTube video of my channel over here. Hit the play button and it will start streaming right in this page. Yes, you don’t need to open it on YouTube separately.


That was the video tutorial explaining the procedure to install RR3 Game and get its PC version working without any doubts. I hope the video tutorial helped you completely.

Download Real Racing 3 on Computer (Windows)

Finally, you’re done with everything needed for the research and are ready to proceed with the installation procedure. Get started with the simple steps mentioned down here, as it is and don’t try to jump from anything.

Step 1 – The first step, as you can guess, is to download and install BlueStacks app player software. It needs to download from the official website, and only its latest version will be working at its best. You can find help for installing BlueStacks on Windows system in an already published guide, which is linked.


Step 2 – I hope the installation procedure went smooth so far. So, start the software and let me tell you, the exact method to get Real Racing 3 PC version installed. At the first screen of BlueStacks, click on the Search tool (available on the left) and enter ‘Real Racing 3’ as the search term. Make sure you enter the name correctly. Hit the link found which promises to open search results in Play store.

1 Download Real Racing 3 for PC Free

Step 3 – Before you can make any further moves, a pop-up will interrupt the progress, asking permission to set up sync facility. This is very important that you set it up. So, proceed with that pop-up and when asked, login using a Google account. If you don’t trust it, then use a spare account’s credentials.


Step 4 – As soon as you’re done with the login part, the game will open in search results. Select the appropriate one and finally click on Install button at listing and then on Accept button at the pop-up.

2 Free download Real Racing 3 PC Game

My best part so far is that Real Racing 3 PC version was only 45MB of size. Although it does require an active internet connection to play (yes, there is no way to play Real Racing 3 game offline), but still getting it ready in less than two minutes was impressive.

3 Real Racing 3 PC Game Free Install

I hope it’s ready till now, and so, you are ready to launch it for the first time. Visit the home screen of BlueStacks app player and hit the game icon which can be found at the first screen or under the All Apps section.

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Now, you are ready to play Real Racing 3 for PC online. How you’re feeling?

Download Real Racing 3 on Mac/MacBook

As I described earlier, the method remains 90% same as in the case of Mac or Windows. The only difference is at the installation procedure.

That method is already described in a published guide on my blog, under the title, how to install BlueStacks on Mac/MacBook. So, I recommend you to check that part first and then start following steps 2, 3, and 4 from the above mentioned Windows section.

4 Download Real Racing 3 on Mac MacBook

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Any confusion? I hope not! But, if it’s there, then I’ll always be available in the discussion section.

Experience of Playing Real Racing 3 on Laptop/PC

As I must share, there are few benefits of playing Real Racing 3 on laptop/PC device. Even if you’re having a high-end Android powered smartphone/tablet or a latest iPhone or iPad, playing Real Racing 3 on computer is way better experience than the other.

That’s because, the system has a bigger, and better display. The display is bigger and it has full HD resolution compatibility. This ensures our chance of watching every content in extreme clarity and thus, help in increasing the addiction.

7 RR3 Game Update Download

With the inclusion of keyboard and mouse as controllers in case of PC and laptop, we’ll always have better chance to control everything inside the story, in a much comfortable, easy and better way. Our inputs will be pretty accurate, every time, which will help us proceed towards the victory in every case.

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These were the things I experienced while playing RR3 game for PC. What was yours?

Wrap up

That was everything I can come up with in order to update with the process to download Real Racing 3 for PC or RR3 for PC, or whatever you want to call it, and I hope you found it interesting and helpful. Make sure you share it with the rest of your social friends using social sharing tools (available on left).

Also, once this you’re playing and enjoying the fun, newer versions of the game will be coming. EA is very keen to keep everything updated and it brings new challenges. So, if you wish to get RR3 update on BlueStacks, then you need to open the game again the in the play store and click on Update button.

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This will perform the action you require and there will be no need for dealing with any installation procedure further. See you on the track pal!