Download Flipagram for PC (Windows & Mac) for Free

If there were apps which can create videos from the best pictures we had and also offered a social platform to share and get appreciation from rest of the world, then you must have been its user, right? Then, why not you have tried Flipagram yet? It’s the best app which exactly does what I described just now.

If you don’t have a compatible smartphone to run Flipagram app (Android | iOS | Windows Phone), then you are at the perfect guide as you’ll find the simplest tutorial to download Flipagram for PC. The app comes without any price tag for starters, and can be found under Photography category of the Play store.

5 Use Flipagram on Computer Online Free

Yes, we will be installing Flipagram Android app on PC and will be using the same, without any issues. The software that will help us achieving this impossible thing is named an Android emulator and we will be using BlueStacks for our case.

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The app, as I said, is available for free, but there is its paid (premium) version available too. That version can offer fully customization options to you, and an app which works even better than the free one.

Flipagram PC App Review

Once the app starts, you’ve two options to choose from. You can either create a new content or see what others have been sharing on the platform. Once you click the first one then the editor tools come at front.

You can pick pictures from the gallery section and then those pictures can be customized. Finally, add a music track, title, description, etc., and you are ready to share it with the rest of the community.

7 Flipagram PC App Download

The customization options are limited, but they are good enough to make your videos look great. If you want, you’re allowed to run those videos and show to rest of your friends and family members at home/office/residence.

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The overall UI is very simple and the social network inclusion is the best part of this application. I’m pretty sure, you’re going to get addicted if you have a lot of people in the network which like doing the same.


Before you can begin with the exact installation procedure, you need to be sure that your system is 100% compatible with the requirements asked. If the compatibility is not there, then chances of finding yourself into errors increase by a lot.

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A perfect computer to run Android apps on PC is already described over here. So, you need to check that guide which I already published and see if you have a compatible system or not.

How to Download Flipagram for PC (Windows)

The Windows (7/8/8.1/10/Vista) powered computers and laptops are compatible to move ahead, once you’ve checked the requirements section, as above. So, you’ve to follow the simple steps mentioned down here, as it is.

Step 1 – Download the BlueStacks app player software on your system first. Then get it installed, like you install any other Windows software. If you need help in same and also to download the installer package, follow this guide over here and you’ll find all the help needed.

1 Free Download Flipagram for PC

Step 2 – Launch the software once you feel it is ready to use totally and right at its home screen, you’ve to click on the search tool. Enter ‘Flipagram’ as a search term and hit the link you found in results.

2 Download Flipagram for Windows Free

Step 3 – Click on the Setup button when a pop-up ask you to establish the sync feature. This will require login of a Google account and you don’t have any other choice.

3 Download Flipagram for Laptop Free

Step 4 – Once the login part is over, you’re ready to move ahead and the app will be found in search results of Play store. Hit the app again and finally click on Install and then Accept buttons.

4 Install Flipagram on Computer for Free

This will get the app running at your end and you can launch it anytime from All Apps section of the BlueStacks app player software.

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Benefits of Using Flipagram on Computer/Laptop

I like keeping all my pictures, no matter what occasion of, in my PC or laptop. This is why, using Flipagram on laptop or computer is always going to help me. Because, my phone can never have all the pictures available inside.

6 Flipagram PC Installation procedure

So, it is easy to choose pictures from the largest collection and create the video to share online. This is the first benefit I found. The second one was that app was working perfectly without any issues and I don’t even have to pick my phone for that.

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Also, animations and graphics were looking crystal clear, thanks to the full HD resolution display my system has. This is my side, what’s yours? Share in the discussion section below!


I hope you’re going to share this tutorial to download Flipagram for PC with all your social friends, which will invite them to use and get connected inside with you. You all can then share the best moments with each other, and of course, with the rest of the world.

Let me know, if you have any question in mind related to the app. You can also check other games and apps which are all available for PC platforms. Stay tuned!