How to Download Dolphin Browser for PC for Free

To make sure you always get the fastest possible browsing speed, you need to stick with a browser which is well-capable of offering its services at a lightning fast speed. Hey guys, let me welcome you here at this guide which will help you to download Dolphin Browser for PC.

Yes, it’s a smartphone and tablet-specific web browser, which can be used on computer or laptop, for the case. This clearly indicates that you’re about to use a mobile browser, which is going to be minimalistic and thus, you’ll get faster performance and experience.

5 Install Dolphin Browser on Laptop

For the record, Dolphin Browser app (Android | iOS | BlackBerry Phone) has been used by millions of users around the world and it’s a product from a well-established company which is always focusing on improving the experience of mobile web browsing.

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The app can be found under the Communication category and you don’t need to pay anything to get started. Also, there are no paid features forced inside against your will to use the web for free. The features offered by this app, are truly amazing and they are all available to make your experience much easier, and better.

Dolphin Browser PC App Review

There are many better apps which never see any light from you, and millions of other users. They always complain about not getting better products, but that’s their own fault. Because, they don’t research well. But, that’s not going to be the case anymore. Since, you are ready to try Dolphin Browser application.

It supports gestures which can be used to trigger anything you want to, it supports private browsing mode which can keep your history totally off the track, it comes with neat, simple and elegant user interface which is addictive as well, it supports many other unique features which increase the fun and speed of browsing the web.

6 Install Dolphin Browser on Windows Computer

For example, you can enter a term and directly hit on either Wikipedia, Amazon, Google, etc., options at the bottom and that term get searched on the choice you made. This saves a lot of time, trust me.

Everything is kept secured, thanks to their seriousness for this application, user’s experience, and their privacy. I haven’t found a single negative review yet, and I’m sure you’ll also rate it at least 4 out of 5.

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Further, it comes with a minimalistic design which make sure it never consumes a lot of CPU resources and thus, always works at a better speed than many other known and popular browsers.


I’ll make sure that you not only get to use this app but that too without meeting any errors, at all. For that, you need to check the configuration of your system and match it against the requirements posted by the BlueStacks app player software.

BlueStacks is the Android emulator we will be using in this case, because it is 100% legit, works great, and totally secure to use. To make it run comfortably, a configuration of 4GB RAM, 5-10GB free storage in C Drive, HD compatible and updated graphic driver, and full HD resolution display screen are required.

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If your system is meeting 2014 PC standards, then you won’t be having any issues moving forward. But, if the system is old, then you should consider the choice once again.

How to Download Dolphin Browser for PC (Windows)

For Windows users, following are the instructions to go through. These will help Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 OS version powered systems. In case of XP, only the Service Pack 3 users are eligible.

Step 1 – Download the BlueStacks app player software and get started with its installation procedure. That’s how you’ll start with this installation and if you need help in this, then consider checking this tutorial which I covered on how to install BlueStacks on Windows.

Step 2 – Launch the software once you think it’s ready to use and at its home screen, click on the Search tool you see. Enter ‘Dolphin Browser’ as a search term and hit the link you found in search results.

1 Download Dolphin Browser for PC Free

Step 3 – Before you can make any move further, a pop-up will appear, asking to set up sync feature of the software. It will require you to use a Google account to login and it will also allow you access Android’s ecosystem.

2 Downlaod Dolphin Browser for Windows Laptop

Step 4 – Once you have the right access, play store will open, having the Dolphin Browser app in search results. Click on the app again and finally on Install and Accept buttons at front.

3 Free Download Dolphin Browser for Computer Desktop

Wait for a while and the app will be ready to use any minute. After then, you can launch it anytime from the All Apps section of the BlueStacks app player software.

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Guide to Download Dolphin Browser for Mac/MacBook

For Mac users (or the MacBook ones), the procedure is very similar to that of Windows one, which is already shared above. The only difference is at the first step, i.e., at the installation procedure, which I hope you understand.

4 Download Dolphin Browser for MacBook Free

If not, then check on with this already published tutorial on how to install BlueStacks on Mac and get all the help you require for the moment. After the software is ready to use, you need to follow steps 2, 3, and 4 from the above part.

Benefits of Using Dolphin Browser on Computer/Laptop

I can assure that you’ll be getting a fast web surfing experience than in any previous case. That’s because the mobile specific web browser we’ve selected is already working at a higher speed on mobile devices. So, if it gets the CPU resources of a computer/laptop, then it is definitely going to perform at its maximum potential.

This is the first benefit of using Dolphin Browser on laptop/computer and I’m sure you won’t have any issues with the same. Everything looks neat, simple and addictive, which means, that you’ll get addicted from the very first moment. You don’t need any user guide to make you learn, how to use Dolphin Browser on computer, and that’s how you get further sticked.

7 Dolphin Browser PC App Download Free

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Everything available inside is for free and comes without making your browsing data available in wrong hands. They never do it, I can assure you, as I’ve read thousands of their reviews so far. And, none of them complained about anything yet.


So, how about getting started with the tutorial to download Dolphin Browser for PC now, of course, if you haven’t done yet. Scroll up again and follow the procedure as per your platform.

If you’re already done with it, then you must have experienced the thing I was explaining from the very first word I wrote here. So, it’s time to help all your friends by sharing this tutorial on your social profiles. You can do that easily using the sharing tools on the left. Peace.