Tutorial to Get Bejeweled PC Game Free Download

I get that you’re eager to play world’s number one puzzle game which has been available for Android devices for free. But, the same game isn’t available for PC platforms, at least officially. So, here I’m sharing the perfect tutorial I’m aware of, that will help you to get Bejeweled PC game free download.

This is the game everyone should be playing, at least once in their lifetime as it’s packed with the right ingredients which are perfect for any mind sharpening activity game. I can assure you of the fact, that the method I’ll be adding here will be perfect, legit, and 100% secure.

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But before beginning with the tutorial, I’ll make sure that you’re aware of every information which can make your journey safe. I mean, there are lots of issues being reported by users who are trying to play Android games on PC. So, you need to take a close look at everything I’m about to introduce, and make sure you don’t fall in that category.

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On the Play store, it has been released by EA, while, on iTunes, it’s with PopCap, and Windows store holds the name of EA too. Both iOS and Android users can get the game for free, but this isn’t the case with Windows Phone ones.

So, this tutorial to download Bejeweled for PC will help Windows Phone users for sure. I’ll make sure you don’t have to pay anything to play Bejeweled on PC, promise. To begin with, I’ll like to share my personal review of this mind blowing thing, developers released.

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There is one more thing which needs to be cleared. Bejeweled PC game is officially available for Mac and Windows platforms. But, that version is not free, and you’ve to pay for the same. So, this method is available to help you play the same game for free.

Also, I tried my best to find if it’s possible to play Bejeweled game online for free. But, I didn’t found any such option. So, the best option left ahead is the one I’m adding here.

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Bejeweled PC Game Review

The game starts with four different modes, once you choose yours, it will boot up the level which is interactive from every corner. From the very first moment, you’re going to get addicted due to everything you see and hear.

The levels in starting are easy to move with but the level increases as you proceed ahead. I can assure that you’ve to invest at least a month to complete the hundreds of levels available inside.

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I wish to summarize this review by concluding on the fact that it is truly an amazing game to play and I don’t wish to act like a spoiler for you. So, start with it and see how it looks to you.


The process to play Bejeweled game on PC for free, requires certain things at the hardware and software level. You need to be sure that your system is 100% compatible with those requirements, otherwise you may find issues.

For Mac system, it shouldn’t be older than 2013 model. If it is, then you may not find success in this process. While in case of Windows system, it needs to have at least 4GB RAM, full HD graphic driver, full HD resolution display and 5-10GB of free storage in C Drive.

I just hope that your system is 100% compatible with these requirements and so, you are ready to move ahead.

How to Download Bejeweled for PC (Windows)

This tutorial is going to work with Windows 7/8/8.1/10 OS versions powered computers and laptops. So, if you have a Windows Vista or XP powered one, then it might not work. I hope you understand it as you’re about to play a modern game, which requires modern hardware and software, right?

Since you’ve checked the compatibility of your system with the requirements required over here, so, following are the instructions you need to go through.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX1uRZ2lzG0]

Step 1 – Of course, the first step is to download and then install the BlueStacks app player. You can use its alternatives too, but nothing will work like it. You can check this guide over here to learn the process in detail.

1 Free Download Bejeweled for PC

Step 2 – Launch the BlueStacks app player software and get ready to hit the search tool from its first screen. The tool will be available on the left corner and once you click, will open in full screen. Enter ‘Bejeweled’ as search term then and click the link that promises to take you on Play store.

2 Bejeweled PC Game Free Download

Step 3 – Before the Play store can be opened, a pop-up will appear, asking to login with a Google account. This is required to move ahead and you can’t skip. If you’ve privacy concerns, then I recommend using a spare account, instead of your personal or professional one.

3 Free Bejeweled PC Game Download

Step 4 – Make sure the login part is done successfully. Once it’s done completely, the Bejeweled app will open in search results within the Play store. Select the right game and finally click on the Install and Accept buttons ahead.

4 Download Bejeweled for Mac

The process is over from your side and the only thing left to do is to wait until the Bejeweled game app gets installed on its own. It may take longer than usual as it’s sized 90MB.

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Special Note for Mac users – The same tutorial can work for mac systems too. The only thing you need to do is to download, install the application and then start using it with the same steps as described above. The only difference is at the installation procedure, which I’ve already explained in a detailed guide over here.

My thoughts on Playing Bejeweled on Computer/Laptop

As soon as the Bejeweled PC game is installed, you’ll get a notification and then you’re allowed to launch the same from All Apps section of BlueStacks software. As soon as you start it, the first screen will ask your name. Yes, the player name once you confirm the age.

Once it runs, you’ve four different missions to choose from. The four Bejeweled deluxe options you have are Zen, Classic, Blitz, and Diamond Mine. The level ahead depends on your selection and you can start with them one by one.

The levels ahead are not that tough to complete, at least in starting, but the animations, options, and sound effects combination, makes the experience super awesome. Every animation is available in full HD resolution which literally makes us addicted.

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There are hundreds of levels to complete with different modes and challenges attached. I can assure that at least a month will be required to get over with everything available inside and to prove your greatest puzzle solver mind. Ready to make your move?

Wrap up

That’s it for the best puzzle game Bejeweled guys! I hope you found this working tutorial helpful and informative enough that you’re now going to help your friends get it too. You can use the social sharing tool available on the left side, to get over with the sharing quickly.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this tutorial to download Bejeweled for PC, as it will help me know the standard of work I’ve been doing over my blog. You can also check many other super awesome games I’ve reviewed and shared for the PC platform. See you in the discussion!