Quick Way to Play Temple Run 2 on PC/Laptop

The game which starts its own sub-niche and broke all the records, is still popular in 2015, and here is your tutorial to learn how to download Temple Run 2 for PC and quickly start playing the game on laptop or computer. The Temple Run 2 game (iOS | Android | Windows Phone) is developed by Imangi Studios, which is well-known in the gaming industry, especially for smartphone specifics.

I am aware of the fact that you don’t need any introduction. Even if you are a newbie, it will not take any longer than 5 minutes to get knowing this game completely and in next 5 minutes, you will definitely get addicted.

5 temple run 2 for pc how to download

Just to write for newbies, it is an endless running game in which you need to control the directions of the character running within. You need to make him change directions, dash and jump, as per the situations. Your job is to run as far as you can while collecting as many gems as you can.

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There are special power-ups which can be found on the way and can be used in the case of emergency. You can also customize the runner by paying with the gems you have earned the hard way. There are few character choices available as well.

1 temple run 2 for pc free download full version

This is all about the game. Graphics is the last thing remaining, which I’m not describing to keep something surprising for you. Do share your experience in the discussion section, particularly if you didn’t like the game. So, skipping the review and introduction part, I am directly starting with the prerequisite section, followed by the installation procedure to help you play Temple Run 2 on PC.


Like every game, playing this Android game on computer or laptop requires certain software and hardware related things. You need to be sure that your system is compatible with everything it asks so that you don’t find any issues at all.

If you own a system which is as per the 2015 computing standards, then you need not worry for anything, as your base is already covered. But, in case of older systems, you need to be doubly sure.

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For your detailed help, I have already shared a guide covering the configuration of a perfect computer to play Android games like Temple Run 2. You can check it out, and return back to this tutorial once sure of it.

In case of need for assistance on any related matter, you can anytime leave your thoughts in the discussion section and I will definitely arrive with a custom solution to feed you in a better way further. But, I just hope that you don’t find yourself in such a situation and have a good experience at this tutorial.

Process to Download Temple Run 2 for PC

This is where you will learn to deal with the installation of this game. As you are aware of the fact that there is no official PC version. So, we will be installing the Android version on the computer. For that, an emulator will be needed. Don’t worry, just start with the simple steps mentioned down here.

You can also watch the video tutorial I’ve embedded here or watch it over our official channel on YouTube.

Step 1 – As I said, an Android emulator will be needed. So, download and install BlueStacks app player first. This is the software I always recommend to everyone and you need to get it from its official website over here. For your help, I already covered complete installation procedure of the software based on different platforms. So, check it out, if you need detailed help.

2 temple run 2 for pc game download

Step 2 – Run the BlueStacks software for the first time and proceed at its home screen. Over there, click on the Search tool which is placed on the top left corner. It will open in full-screen mode. Enter ‘Temple Run 2’ as a search term and hit the link which takes you to the Google play store.

3 temple run 2 for pc bluestacks

Step 3 – Before you can make any further move, a pop-up will interrupt, asking you to setup sync feature using a Google account login. No other account will work here as you are accessing Google play services. Also, you can’t skip this step.

4  temple run 2 for pc download free

Step 4 – Once you are done with the login part, the Google play store search will appear, having Temple Run 2 in the search results. Select the appropriate game and finally click on ‘Install’ option ahead of its listing.

This will finish the game’s installation procedure from your side. Wait for a while and Temple Run 2 will be installed on its own. You will even get a notification regarding from BlueStacks app player.

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Once you get that, you can launch BlueStacks any time, and launch the game from All Apps section. You can also use the search tool to find it again. This time, you will see it among results.


This is how simple it was to play Temple Run 2 on PC and I hope you were lucky as I was, to get through the process without meeting any issues at all. Whether you use a desktop or laptop, this method is going to work for sure.

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This is all from my side guys. Stay tuned for more helpful tutorials. If you want any help regarding BlueStacks then check out About section to read other tutorials and knowledge-base I have covered. Peace.