All Methods to Download Subway Surfers for PC & Play the Game

If we prepare a list of the games which need no introduction to at least half of the people in this world, then Subway Surfers (Android | iOS | Windows Phone) will surely top that list. If you wish to play the same game on computer, then here are all the methods available which can help you download Subway Surfers for PC.

The game is very popular, even in 2015, and you can easily find millions of players inside. It connects with Facebook account and offers score card sharing feature, to compete with friends you have. In short, this is the game which is meant for time killing and it’s perfectly designed to do it in a good way.

Install Subway Surfers on Windows

You even need not learn how to play it, because you kind of already know that. While running on a train track, if a train comes on to your track, then you will jump to next one, if obstacle comes, then you will either jump on top of it or dash beneath it and will always maintain a speed. That’s all you have to do!

When I personally researched looking to find out process to install Subway Surfers on computer, then I did find a lot of tutorials. But, most of them were sharing the same thing, again and again. That’s why I planned of sharing a unique thing over here.

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That unique thing is a cool and simple compilation of every known method to install Subway Surfers on laptop or computer we own. Trust me, I have personally tried using all these methods and the experience I am sharing is real. For your ease, I will start with the best method on top, following by the second best, third best, and so on.

#1 Download Subway Surfers for PC using BlueStacks

This is the best method in every other available here. Because it is 100% safe and free to use. Before beginning, I request you to check BlueStacks requirement guide I already shared, to confirm whether your system is compatible or not.

Step 1 – Deal with the installation of BlueStacks app player (Check out its review, in case) first. For your ease, I have shared complete instructions on how to install BlueStacks on Windows laptop or computer. So, help yourself with that.

1 Subway Surfers for PC download

Step 2 – Start the software afterward, and launch the search tool as you see in the very first screen. It will open up in full screen. Enter ‘Subway Surfers’ as a search term and hit the clickable link in results.

2 Subway Surfers free PC download

Step 3 – The game will open in Google play store. Select the game again and click on ‘Install’ option ahead. It will start the game downloading.

3 Subway Surfers for PC BlueStacks

Step 4 – Somewhere between the BlueStacks usage, it will ask (one time setup only) to login in order to setup its sync feature and also to allow you access Android’s ecosystem. Only a Google account will work and you don’t have any other choice.

Done! Give it a minute and the best endless running game will be ready to play on your computer or laptop you own.

#2 Install Subway Surfers on computer using YouWave

This process is meant for those systems, who doesn’t meet the requirements of BlueStacks app player or the Andy, which I’ll share next. That’s because, YouWave consumes lesser CPU resources but does the job we require. But, this software is available only for 10 days as free.

Step 1 – Grab the installer package of the YouWave software from its official website over here. You don’t have to pay anything for the moment. Once downloaded, double click on the file and deal with its installation. It will not take any longer than a minute.


Step 2 – After the installation is over, start the software and choose the Free Trial option from the first screen. Give it a couple of seconds to run and once it does, launch the Browser app from the first screen.

Step 3 – Once it opens, access the official website of Google play store ( and then use the site’s search tool to find Subway Surfers game.


Step 4 – Once found, click on the game again and finally click on the ‘Install’ option ahead. After that, the only thing left to do is to login with a Google account to confirm your access to Android’s ecosystem.

This process is simple and good enough but paid after your 10 days of free trial ends. If you like it, then you can pay for the software as it can help you run other free apps and games as well.

#3 Run Subway Surfers Game on Laptop using Andy

This is a special case and you should be following it only if the system you own has at least 4GB or higher RAM, 10+GB free storage in C Drive, and dedicated graphic card of at least 1GB storage.

If the compatibility doesn’t match these requirements, then you will never find a happy ending and so, should keep your distance from it.

Step 1Download Andy software first. I have added a link which you have to follow and grab its installer file from that website. It is the official site.

Step 2 – Once the package is downloaded, double click on the same file and start installing the Andy. It will take 2-4 minutes to get ready completely.

Run Andy Emulator on Computer

Step 3 – Once it is ready, start it, and you will see an Android tablet-like user interface running at your end. It is the pure Android experience and so you are already aware of what to do next. Start the Play store app first.

Step 4 – Use the app’s search tool to find the game, and once found, click on the ‘Install’ option ahead of it’s listing. Finally, login with a Google account when asked.

The process is over, and now you have to wait till Subway Surfers is installed on its own. I hope you liked the experience with Andy.

#4 Download Subway Surfers .exe file and install the game

In this method, there are no steps to follow because you simply have to download Subway Surfers exe (executable) file which when downloaded, can be used to deal with the installation.

Free Download Subway Surfers exe for PC

You simply have to double click on that file and then go through on screen instructions which say, Next, Next until you reach Finish. The game will be then ready without any errors. Of course, your system needs to be compatible to pass through the process.

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After then, you will have a shortcut to be used to launch the game, any time you wish to play it.


I guess these four methods are good enough for you to help getting Subway Surfers game on PC installed. In case of need for any assistance related to any of these methods, write in the discussion section and I will bring a costume solution to support you in a better way. Meanwhile, I hope you are going to share my work with all your friends.