Install Real Cricket 14 for PC Game for Free

Nautilus Mobile Game developer has come up with a very realistic and super awesome cricket based game. I’m here to help you download Real Cricket 14 for PC. The game can be found under Sports category and you don’t need to pay anything to get started. Yes, there are paid features inside which you can perfectly ignore.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be playing Real Cricket 14 on computer/laptop. I’m going to share a review in starting itself to help you know the game in a better way. But, you still need to wait until you get the experience on your own.

5 Install Real Cricket 14 on Laptop

I can assure that you’ll get addicted, thanks to everything so realistic inside and I’m pretty sure you’ll even going to share this tutorial with all your social friends. Don’t worry, you can go through this guide, check whether or not it’s worthy, and think on that decision.

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There are few better cricket games available over the store, but this one still holds a unique response and profile, in almost every case. This clearly indicates that we’re heading onto a right path, i.e., playing a perfect Real Cricket 14 PC game.

Real Cricket 14 PC Game Review

The first thing I found is how beautiful and better controls Real Cricket 14 game (Android | iOS) has. It is so easy to become a bowler and also a batsman. You can’t control the fielders, but that’s the limitation which can be ignored. Still, having options to control the two sides is good enough.

7 Download Real Cricket 14 for Windows Computer

Everything looks great, thanks to the realistic and full HD standard of graphics and animations. This clearly indicates that we’re all set to play a top notch experience of our beloved sports, i.e., cricket.

You can pick teams and members too. Once you are ready to move ahead, a toss will happen randomly and you need to either bowl and bat. In either case, the gameplay is hard enough to make addicted.

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To perfectly run Real Cricket 14 on laptop/computer device without meeting any errors, the system should be 100% compatible with certain requirements. Those requirements are that the system needs to have at least 4GB RAM (or more), full HD resolution display, updated graphic driver of HD standard and at least 5-10GB of free storage in C Drive.

Also, the Windows OS versions supported are the one which were released after Windows XP, i.e., Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and the newer 10. The Windows XP system won’t be compatible at all, because this game is huge within.

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For Mac users, the formula is pretty simple. The hardware shouldn’t be older than 2013. Every newer Mac device after 2013 is compatible to run the game comfortably.

How to Download Real Cricket 14 for PC (Windows)

The part to help you with the installation procedure is right here and following are the steps you need to go through. Make sure you don’t skip any of these steps.

Step 1 – Start with installing the Android emulator of our choice, i.e., the BlueStacks app player. You need to download it from its official website. If you need help, check the guide covering BlueStacks installation on Windows and follow the steps mentioned over there.

1 Download Real Cricket 14 for PC

Step 2 – Get started with the software once it’s ready and once its homepage is running, click on the Search tool you see on the top left the corner. Enter ‘Real Cricket 14’ as a search term and hit the link that takes you to the Google play store.

2 Free Download Real Cricket 14 for Computer

Step 3 – Before the game can be opened, BlueStacks will ask you to setup sync feature and also to gain access to Google’s ecosystem. For both of them, you need to login using a Google account.

3 Download Real Cricket 14 for Laptop Free

Step 4 – As soon as you’re done with the login work, the game will open in search results of Play store. Hit the right game again and finally click on Install button ahead. Choose the Accept button from the next pop-up.

And, you’re done with the installation procedure which will get over on its own, just like it happens in the case of an Android device. You can launch the game afterward from All Apps section of the BlueStacks software.

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Download Real Cricket 14 for Mac/MacBook

The Mac users can still relax as the process for their device is similar to that of Windows. There is nothing new in this case, except for the installation. I had already covered a guide on how to install BlueStacks on Mac, which you can check and get helped.

Once the BlueStacks app player is running comfortably on your Mac, you need to follow steps 2, 3, and 4 which had been shared above in Windows section.

4 Download Real Cricket 14 for Mac MacBook

I promise, that you’ll be able to get over without any issues.

Benefits of Playing Real Cricket 14 on Computer/Laptop

The main and first benefit is that everything looks crystal clear, thanks to the bigger display screen computer or laptop has. Another thing is that the full HD resolution makes everything look awesome, which further increases the game playing experience.

Also, the PC has a physical keyboard and mouse controllers to choose from and they are always better than the touch ones. This clearly indicates that we will always have better control over the game, no matter what’s the condition is.

6 Install Real Cricket 14 on Computer

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Both these benefits of playing Real Cricket 14 on laptop/computer are really awesome and good enough to make us go with the installation procedure, I’ve described above. Agree?


That’s it folks! The process is over and I’m sure you found it worthy of your time. That means, you’re going to share it over all your social platforms which will help them to know it and also to download Real Cricket 14 for PC. Peace.