Google Music for PC Download – Play Music App PC Installation

Google has been trying to offer paid media content through its Play store since a long time, and its Play Music application is one of the most promising and elegant looking music & audio playing application. If you wish to use the same on the PC platform as well, then here is a detailed guide covering the process to download Google Music for PC.

The Play Music app (Android | iOS) is available for free over the Play store and there are no restrictions, whatsoever on who can use it. It can store your online purchased music files and also the one present at the local drive. You just need to transfer the files on a device once and then the app finds and gets them available for playing anytime.

6 Google Music App Free Download

Officially, there is no Google Play Music PC version available so far and I’m pretty sure that it won’t be available in near future. So, the best chance of using this application is here through this guide, which you shouldn’t be missing. In some countries, its official web application is running which is available over here. You can check if your country is in the list. 

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It’s going to be very simple, thanks to Android emulator software available for us. If your system already has one of them installed, then installing this app won’t be any trouble for you. It will take just a minute.

Yes, your existing Android emulator software is capable of running this app, as it’s personally running pretty well. If you don’t have any installed yet, then go through the process I’m adding below and see the app working yourself.

Google Play Music PC App Review

This is my review for the application I’ve been using on my desktop and MacBook Air, both. The app works very smooth, maintaining its reputation pretty well. Everything looks great, thanks to the HD standard of graphics.

The app never offers any stupid option which has no means or value at all. In fact, everything available is valuable and worthy of its presence. Playing any random number or scrolling through the collection to find any favorite, is very easy and adorable.

8 Free Download Google Music Play App for PC

The way every number or album is arranged is again adorable and looks very elegant. In fact, this is the best way of showcasing music files, according to my experience so far.

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This particular section will make sure that the app gets installed and then run successfully, i.e., without triggering any kind of issues. To make sure this happy situation, you need to ensure that the computer or laptop at your end is 100% compatible with requirements asked by Android emulator software of your choice.

In case of using BlueStacks and YouWave, having a system with 4GB RAM, 5-10GB free storage in C Drive, and HD standard of the graphic driver is a must. While in case of using Andy emulator, a system with 6GB RAM and 1GB dedicated graphic card is recommended.

For detailed help, I recommend you to check my already published guide detailing configuration of a perfect computer to run any Android emulator (especially the BlueStacks app player). So, help yourself with that guide and I just hope you return back with a smile.

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Once, requirement part is made sure and everything is 100% compatible, you can start with following a set of instructions.

How to Download Google Music App for PC

These instructions will help in case of Windows-powered laptop and computer. Following simple instructions are needed to be followed, as it is.

Step 1 – Begin with downloading and installing BlueStacks app player software. You can find detailed guide for Windows XP and newer Windows OS versions to get complete help for the installation part.

2 Google Play Music Windows 8 Download

Step 2 – Start the software and when pop-up interrupts, asking to set up sync feature, login with a Google account after following the instructions, as asked. This is very vital and you can’t use any other account.

3 Google Play Music for Windows 7 Download

Step 3 – Use the search tool of BlueStacks (located on the top left corner) and enter ‘Google Play Music’ as the search term. Click on the app again and finally click on the Install and Accept buttons when you reach its official listing among Play store.

5 Google Music App PC Download

Give a minute to the app and it will be installed on its own. Afterward, you can launch it anytime from All Apps section.

How to Download Google Play Music for Mac

These are the instructions for Mac systems i.e., Mac desktop or MacBook ultrabooks. Instructions are same, but the only difference is how BlueStacks installs.

You can find over here, how to install BlueStacks on Mac systems. Open that tutorial and get over with the installation of this software. Also, make sure you download the installer file for software from its official website only.

4 Free Download Google Play Music for PC

After the installation is over, you can start the software and use its search tool to find and install the application. Yes, login with a Google account when asked to setup sync feature.

Benefits of using Play Music on Computer/Laptop

I’ve always been looking for a better looking, elegant, and simple to use and learn music application, but Winamp was my last favorite. Last year, I switched to using Play Music app on my Android tablet, and I became addicted to the same. It is very simple to use, looks elegant and never ask anything stupid.

7 Google Music Free Download for PC

Through the method I described above, I was able to get the same set of experience on my Windows desktop and MacBook Air too. In fact, everything was very similar and I never found anything bad.

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So, my advice is to go for this method, especially if you already became a fan of this application. And, save yourself from looking for any better service.


This is how simple it was to get this app running on computer or laptop system you own. And, I hope everything went smoothly at your end. Happy playing the music files on your system now and get ready to experience delivered by a Google product. I hope you’ll share this helpful guide with your social friends. Peace.