How to Download Dubsmash for PC & Create Dubs online

There is no end for fun apps. There will always be newcomers and the one who are currently entertaining the crowd around the world. Currently, Dubsmash (Android | iOS) is the one and so here I am sharing a tutorial on who to download Dubsmash for PC.

Well, the app is smartphone specific and doesn’t even available for my Nexus 7 (2012). I still downloaded and installed it using its APK file and went on using the same to gain an experience first.

5 Download Dubsmash on Laptop

After using it for a while, and entertaining my friends (at least I think so), I am here sharing my personal review of Dubsmash app and will also let you know how you can install Dubsmash on computer and just it online to create your own dubs.

To be honest, I personally felt the need for using this app on my laptop, because it was not working properly on my smartphone and tablet. Yes, both of my devices are older than two years since I can’t afford a newer one.

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Whatever may be the reason behind sticking with your older smartphone or tablet, this guide will help you to save those bucks. I will strictly share the installation procedure for the Dubsmash app, but once you learn it, you can play other Android apps and games on the computer too.

Dubsmash PC App Review

The concept is pretty simple. You pick different soundtracks available over the internet, you record the same audio with your own personal video, and then share it with the rest of the world, to watch and laugh on it.

This is the new trend and the app is getting way popular than you can imagine. It is available free to use and comes with very simple and elegant looking user interface. You will feel like you are already aware of how to use the application and how to get things done.

Run Dubsmash PC app

You can pick any video or audio commercial or media content available from the store. You can find different genres of categories to choose from. Once you pick it, then the front camera will start operating, with playing the audio track from your selection in the background.

Once you click on Start button, the video will start recording and your job is to act on that audio. Once you are finished, the video will be created in a few more second, and then you will have options to share it online.

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The sharing options are well-covered which further increases the fun because it is effortless to deal with the sharing of your dubs. You can also find all the videos you curated under the application.

6 Dubsmash PC app download

So, the app is totally worth of your time and you should be using it if you are that kind of fun guy or girl.


This part will cover the requirement things. The things which are must to be matched with the system you own so that you don’t find any issues while running Dubsmash. To be honest, the Dubsmash will not be directly installed on the system because there is no officially compatible app.

So, to make the app running still, you have to install an Android emulator software. Once it is running, then you can find and install Dubsmash Android application for free. That’s the secret recipe we were talking of here.

To help you further, I must share the guide I already covered, which covers all the requirements a computer should have to run Android application. You can find it over here.

So, check that guide out and help yourself forward. Once you are done, come back and move to the third part of our tutorial over here.

Process to Download Dubsmash for PC

The installation instructions are added down here and you have to follow them one by one. If you find any issue, then note its technical details and then write it down in the discussion section. If I get to understand the issue, then I will definitely share a working solution. Let’s start the process now.

Step 1 – Download the Android emulator software to start with. I recommend using BlueStacks app player, of which I had already shared complete installation instructions. You can find them over here and help yourself with the installation.

1 Download Dubsmash for PC

Step 2 – Once the installation is over, then start the software and right within the home screen, click on the ‘Search’ tool and use it to find ‘Dubsmash’ application. You won’t find it in results, so click on the Play store link you see just beneath the results.

2 Dubsmash for PC Download Free

Step 3 – A pop-up will interrupt your proceeding, asking for setup sync feature of BlueStacks. It will do two things, one is the setup of sync feature and second is to allow you to access of Google’s ecosystem. So, proceed ahead with that and login using a Google account.

3 Free Download Dubsmash for Computer

Step 4 – Finally once you are done with the login process, the play store search results will open ahead of you. You have to click on the app then and finally once its listing is opened, click on ‘Install’ option ahead.

4 Install Dubsmash on PC

The process is over and I hope you did manage to go through without meeting any issues. In case of meeting any of them, you know what to do.

Benefits of Using Dubsmash on Computer/Laptop

Practically, there wasn’t any difference between using the app on a smartphone or on a PC. Everything is same, but we have keyboard and mouse to be used as controllers. This particular benefit helps moving up things at a pace.

Since your system doesn’t have a rear camera, only a front one, so it is a limitation on a PC platform. I hope you are fine with this because nothing can be done of this.

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So, now since the Dubsmash is ready to launch and run on your personal computer, what’s you are going to create? Do share it over the Google+ platform so that we can watch it too.

If possible, you can leave your experience in the discussion section below which will help me and other readers too. Don’t forget to share it with your social network before leaving, of course, if it helped you. Peace!