Download Batman Arkham Origins for PC for Free (Windows & Mac)

It’s definitely the time to get started with playing Batman Arkham Origins on computer or laptop system you own. Even if you’re a Mac user, you can still get benefited from this guide that’s going to share the process to download Batman Arkham Origins for PC.

No matter whether you’re a Mac user or still hold onto a Windows computer/laptop, you can play this super challenging Android version of the most anticipated Batman Arkham game. It was recently released for the gaming consoles, but they are expensive to buy.

5 Batman Arkham Origins PC Game Download

You can save that money as you’ll be able to play the very similar game, right on your personal computer. But, please mind the fact that, Batman Arkham Origins (Android | iOS) is a very heavy game, and thus requires a system which is fully compatible to run its high-end graphics, animations and match its performance.

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Don’t worry, I’ll add everything you may need in this tutorial over here, and will make sure to make it so worthy that you’ll end up sharing it with your friends over the social network. I promise!

Batman Arkham Origins PC Game Review

Travel a lot! Fight a lot! Save a lot of people! Fight the crime! These are the things you’ve to perform in this super awesome Batman game. I can’t express in words my love for it, as I’ve always been addicted to this Batman character.

6 Batman Arkham Origins Windows 8 Game

If you wish to get in the role of this character, then here is your chance. The graphics and animations are truly amazing and they are as good as they needed to be. Sound effects are perfectly synced and they further increase the playing experience.

You need to be really a bad gamer to get started and addicted inside. If you’re not good in bringing fast moves and taking firm actions, then you’ll always be behind and may not love it.

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So, if you’re really up for playing a super challenging game and that too in the most beloved action character, then Batman Arkham Origins is the game for you. For your help, in case you don’t have a compatible smartphone or tablet device, you can play it on a computer using my tutorial ahead.

Batman Arkham Origins Windows 7 Game Download


As I promised above that I’ll make sure you don’t find any errors, this is the part that will ensure the same. To run this super high-end game comfortably, a system needs to have at least 4GB RAM (if you’ve more, than it will be much better), full HD standard of graphic driver, full HD resolution display and at least 10GB of free storage in C Drive.

In case of Mac, the requirements applies similarly as of Windows one shared above. But, also make that the system isn’t older than 2013.

If the system isn’t meeting these configuration requirements then you shouldn’t be starting with the gameplay. As, you must understand the facts behind playing a high-end Batman Arkham Origins PC game.

Download Batman Arkham Origins for PC (Windows)

This part will guide the Windows (7, 8, 8.1 and 10 users only). Windows XP users shouldn’t be trying to move ahead as their system isn’t compatible at all. Follow the steps mentioned down here, as it is.

Step 1 – Download and install BlueStacks app player software. Follow this guide to help yourself in installing BlueStacks on Windows system.

1 Download Batman Arkham Origins for PC

Step 2 – Launch the software and at the first screen, use its search tool to find Batman Arkham Origins game. Click on the link that takes you to the Play store.

2 Free Download Batman Arkham Origins for Windows

Step 3 – Login with a Google account (only) when asked to setup the sync feature of the BlueStacks app player software. This step can’t be skipped.

3 Download Batman Arkham Origins for Laptop

Step 4 – Once the login is done, the game will be found in search results. Click on the appropriate one and finally click the ‘Install’ button ahead at its listing. Also, click on ‘Accept’ button from the pop-up.

If you require more details, check my guide on how to play Android games on PC over here. Give this game sometimes as it will take longer than usual to get downloaded. Once downloaded, it will be installed on its own.

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Later, you’ll be eligible to launch it anytime from All Apps section of the BlueStacks app player software. Good luck!

Download Batman Arkham Origins for Mac

In case of Mac system, the process is very similar as in the case of Windows. The only difference is at the very first step. Rest, steps 2, 3 and 4 are to follow similarly in Mac, as in the case of Windows, which are explained above.

4 Download Batman Arkham Origins for Mac

So, the first step is to download and install BlueStacks app player. Visit its official website and get the software package. Start installing the same.

If you don’t know how to install a third-party app on Mac, then consider checking my guide that will help you to install BlueStacks on Mac system.


The very first thing which I liked about this tutorial when I personally used it is that I was able to play the multiplayer and most anticipated 2015 game for free. It was meant to be played on a smartphone or tablet, but still playing it on a PC was more fun than I actually thought.

The graphics and animations were clearly visible on the full HD monitor I have. Audio effects were clearly audible, thanks to the speaker system I’ve. And, performance was always the top notch.

So, if you have a good (even a middle-end) system which seems to be compatible with this game, then get started with this tutorial on how to download Batman Arkham Origins for PC, and get benefited.

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I hope you were pleased by my effort over here and now going to share it with the rest of your friends over the social network. Please ensure, if you face any issues, then you write it down in the discussion section. So, that I can try one more time to make sure the game works at your end. Go, be the Batman now!