Just 3 But Best Alternatives to BlueStacks with Reasons and Facts

The reason why you are here is because you have been facing errors while using BlueStacks. This web page is going to hold a compilation of best alternatives to BlueStacks. The reason you should believe this guide is that I am going to share the compilation with reasons and facts, which only a real user can be aware of.

If you haven’t checked our blog completely yet, then I recommend you to check it once. As I have shared a lot of tutorials covering everything on BlueStacks. I still believe that the software requires one more chance from your side because none of its alternatives are as smooth and as efficient.

Best Alternatives to BlueStacks

There is three best alternative software to BlueStacks. Yes, I am going to talk about each of them, in details. The choice you will make from this list, should be according to the PC configuration you have.

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#1 Andy

The very first alternative software to BlueStacks is Andy for Android. You may not find it on Google using its name, but once you do, you are going to love the way it works and looks. It installs the very pure version of Android operating system on Windows system, without any price tag.

Yes, the experience is so real that you will feel like using an Android tablet, which is running on a Nexus experience. Nexus tablets are already known for their high performance and premium experience.

Run Andy Emulator on Computer

The only thing which isn’t that good in case of Andy is that it requires a standard PC configuration. I have tested it in a PC with 4GB RAM, but there were still some performance issues. Then, I used it on a system with 6GB RAM, then it was working fine, but it worked at its best with 8GB configuration. In short, it has a large appetite for CPU resources.

I recommend having Intel Core i3 processor for the minimum in a system, with dual-core configuration. The graphic card driver should be updated with support for full HD media content. Moreover, if you want to enjoy using it at its best then having 1GB dedicated graphic card is recommended.

Official Website of Andy Emulator

Since, it offers stock Android experience, so there is nothing new for you to use and learn. You already know how to use Android OS, and so you won’t find any issues while getting started with Andy. In the beginning, its installation process is simple enough to get through without any help.

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#2 YouWave

The only thing bad about YouWave is that it comes with a price tag. It does offer free 10 days of trial to start with the software, see things, get addicted, in order to help yourself to make up the mind for going with the premium version. If you have no issues with buying a better software, then consider YouWave as your first choice.


It works on a system with 2GB RAM as well, because it doesn’t consume a lot of CPU resources. Also, it looks just like any other Android phone, running on a stock version of Ice Cream Sandwich version of the OS. Installing apps and games are possible and you can even surf the web using the same software.

Official Website of YouWave Emulator

A complete set of controllers is offered on the display itself, which can be used in case you still love using the GUI controllers, instead of operating things from the keyboard. So, everything is good inside, but if you can make up your mind to pay for the full version. Otherwise, you can enjoy using it for the 10 days.

#3 GenyMotion

This last recommendation from my side has very similar requirements as of BlueStacks. Thus, it can work on any system which is compatible with the other software we have here in competition. UI is pretty simple and it tries everything to offer pure stock experience, but with some slight changes.


Official Website of GenyMotion Emulator

Since, you are on the hunt for alternatives to BlueStacks, you should choose GenyMotion at the third time. The only case when you don’t like Andy and YouWave, which never happens and as it declares the reason why GenyMotion is not known so much.

Time to make a call now!

Finally, it’s time to make the final call, i.e. selecting one out of these three. Let me know the one you are selecting and the very best feature you liked about it. Also, if none of these emulators worked at your end, then it’s time to buy a complete new system which is according to hardware and software standards of 2015.