What’s A Perfect Computer to Run BlueStacks without Error?

From the day one I started this blog, I planned to share each and everything that is related to BlueStacks app player and its related thing. Those who are new to the show, this is an Android emulator software that can emulate the Android OS on your Windows or Mac personal computer and then you are allowed to run Android apps on PC and also play Android games on PC.

That is the whole reason behind the existence of BlueStacks app player software and many of its alternatives. Even if it has few competitors, none of them is better and buttery smooth as of BlueStacks app player.

But to get that kind of experience, there is a set of requirements by the software, just like any other. Every software or application has its standard requirement which are based on hardware and software of the computing device.

BlueStacks Compatibility

In the same manner, BlueStacks app player has them and you need to be sure that the computer or laptop you are about to use to run this Android emulator software, is completely ready to meet those requirements. If they don’t, then you need to buy a recommended system otherwise either stop planning of proceeding ahead or get into the traps of issues and errors.

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BlueStacks App Player Requirements

Officially, following requirements are announced which needs to be part of a system in order to run BlueStacks application.

  1. It should be working on Windows XP (Service Pack 3) or higher OS or the Mac OS X.
  2. It should be having 2GB of RAM and enough free storage in C Drive for BlueStacks’s files and files of apps and games to be installed in future.
  3. The graphic driver should be updated and must be compatible to run HD media content.

These are the requirements you need to worry about. But, these are the official requirements which don’t mean to be practically working in reality. To know about a perfect computer or laptop that can help you run this software without any issues, then you should check out my next part.

You should check out common BlueStacks issues and their fix title that I covered few weeks ago. I have also been sharing apps and game reviews and their related guide regularly. So, if you are interested in running those modern smartphone specific apps and games on the computer, then this blog should be the one you keep in bookmarks.

What’s a Perfect Computer to Run BlueStacks without Error?

Well, this is the main part of this guide, and also the reason why you came here. I had no intention of wasting your time, by bringing this important part so late. But, I need to ensure first that we both are on the same page.

A perfect computer or laptop should look like following,

It should be operating on either Windows or OS X operating systems. In case of OS X, it shouldn’t be older than two years, but most of the users always keep it updated. So, that’s not an issue in this case. But, when it comes to Windows platform, the OS version should be XP (SP3) or higher. I recommend you to have at least Windows 7 running.

What’s A Perfect Computer to Run BlueStacks without Error?

2GB RAM is said to be enough to run the software on a system. Practically, the software works with this physical storage amount, but to have a buttery smooth experience, there should be at least 4GB RAM. If you can arrange 6 or 8 or more RAM storage, then you will have the best possible experience.

Since, using this software, we will be installing and running modern smartphone days applications and games, so the display monitor part of the system here should be having at least HD (720p) resolution. If you can have full HD or higher, then it will be further better, but HD is a starting mark and it should meet.

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Now, to manage those HD content and special media requirement related to the case, the graphic driver should be updated and also be compatible with HD content. If the system has a dedicated graphic card with storage of at least 512MB or higher, then it will further help to deliver an awesome experience.

Lastly, the C drive in case of Windows and the root folder in case of OS X, needs to have at least 10GB of free storage. Always keep this much storage free in order to have better performance, no matter what the case is.

Requirements in a Nutshell

  • At least 4GB RAM
  • At least HD resolution Monitor display
  • HD compatible and newly updated graphic driver
  • At least 10GB free storage in root drive

That’s it, folks! If the system purchased by you is meeting 2015 standards, then you need not worry about these checkups. But, if it is older, then you need to take these requirements seriously. So, ready to start with the installation? Check on this special part covering BlueStacks installation for almost every PC platform and guide yourself further. 

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If you face any issues related to BlueStacks, then you can write it down in the discussion section. Please explain the issue at your end properly so that I can understand your situation and can come up with a better working solution. Peace.