How to Update Graphics Driver of Windows 88.1

This guide specially covers the process to update graphics driver of Windows 8/8.1 computers purposely for BlueStacks software to work smoothly on your computer.

You might have faced this common problem while operating Windows 8 or 8.1 computer or laptop that your hardware does not automatically updates its graphic driver and for this you have to do it yourself especially after Windows 8/8.1 clean install.

Its seems to be a tough job to troubleshoot it when your device does not respond or work properly and trust me it is quite a hectic process.

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I updated my Windows 8 driver and if hardware requirements are meeting then you won’t face any other issues at all.

Update Graphics Driver of Windows 8/8.1

Just follow some easy steps by which you can update graphics driver of Windows 8/8.1 laptop/PC and the time required to get this done is just 15 minutes (approx).

So get it done by steps mentioned below-

Search and download the latest drivers for hardware– Windows 8/8.1 drivers can be easily found in varied sites but before choosing one for your system always check and examine the authenticity of the manufacturer.

Always go for the popular one and you can even calculate reviews available about them online so that you get best one for you. If you get it download via hardware maker then you will be assured that it’s recent and authenticated one.

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Open Windows 8 Control Panel > Device Manager- With Windows 8 Control Panel, your work is reduced to half as it is the simplest way to get through device manager.

To search driver software just click/touch – Browse my computer for driver software.

  • Near the bottom of the window, you will find an option List of device drivers on the computer, click this option.
  • Under the text box click Have Disk button.
  • Now Install from Disk option will appear on your screen click this option and browse it.
  • Locate file window appears after the above process. Now step 1 that is the extraction of the file folder will be taken into account.
  • Click INF file and open it. INF file is the file that is important and needed while updating process because device manager accepts only this file information.
  • Click OK and go back to the Install from Disk window.
  • Select the new hardware and add into the text box. Once done click Next.
  • You may get many warnings while performing this process. Read them and perform accordingly.
  • When you will be installing driver software the instructions will be used by the driver in the last few seconds whom you did in INF file.
  • Once done it will show a message that Windows drivers updated successfully.
  • Close the Device Manager and other windows and restart your computer.

Even if there’s no such message to restart your computer you should do it yourself.

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If you find any problem while updating graphics driver for windows 8/8.1 then try opting for automatic detect and driver update option but it will work only if you’ve stable internet connection with good speed.

This is the reason why I shared offline method to update video card driver above.