Here’s a Quick Way to Update Graphics Driver of Windows 7

This guide is specifically written to bring the solution to update graphics driver of Windows 7 with you and it’s especially for BlueStacks software users.

For all Operating Systems, Graphic cards are really important as it allows the OS to operate with graphics in successfully and the same is with Windows 7 PC/laptop.

You need to update your drivers for their proper working as well as when you want to run a game or a file which needs an updated driver then you have to update your driver without delay.

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Authentic and correct drivers lead your computer to work in proper condition otherwise it may crash even so choose wisely when you pick one for yours.

Update Graphics Driver of Windows 7

If you want to update graphics driver of Windows 7 with ease then follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Go to Control Panel– For this, click on the left bottom side of the window Start button and you will find Control Panel option in the right side of the menu. Click and get in.
  • Click on Device Manager > Display Adapters – When you will open Control Panel you will find Device Manager click and go to Display Adapters option.
  • When you will click the Device Manager > you get the graphic software, right click and choose update driver software option.
  • How do you want to search driver software? This question appears in a box then chooses for search automatically updates drivers.
  • If Windows 7 gets software automatically then restart your computer. Otherwise go for further instructions as mentioned below.
  • For updating manually, you have to go to manufacturer’s website.
  • Once done choose compatible and recent driver software and download it.
  • It will ask to identify your product now enter all the related information of your graphic card.
  • Now download it to a suitable location.
  • Run the program and follow all the instructions mentioned.
  • Restart your computer and you are done.

Isn’t it easy to get your graphics drivers updated for Windows 7 laptop/computer?

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If you face any problems while assessing do it again and always restart your computer after updating your drivers whether it shows in the dialogue box.

Always go for authenticated drivers. If you are unable to find it, then search the reviews about the driver because a wrong driver can severely harm your computer and can lead to crash down your hard disk.

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I have mentioned two ways to update your driver whether manually or automatically you can opt for the feasible one.

Regularly update your graphic driver this will lead your PC to be up to date.