[Fix] BlueStacks App Sync Not Working – Help Guide

I’m going to help you out in one biggest and most occurring event during accessing BlueStacks and that issue is “BlueStacks App Sync Not Working”.

BlueStacks App Player has been downloaded by many users till date and they all are happy users. But there are some BlueStacks app problems which have been stuck in and people wants to combat them sooner or later.

BlueStacks App Sync Not Working


I have seen many of you complaining about this problem and even I noticed the same while working with it. This BlueStacks app problem was because of BlueStacks apps play store login and synchronization feature (I’ll let you know every detail soon). 

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Since a little bit research does no harm, so I did same and found solution to this problem which I will be elaborating here for you. We’ve also covered all common BlueStacks app problems and their fixes already.

How to Fix ‘BlueStacks App Sync Not Working’ issue?

First of all you have to download BlueStacks for this and also start installing it. You can check complete guide covering download and installation process of BlueStacks software here.

This is in case if you accidentally came up to this guide and didn’t faced the issue till now. So try it at your own and proceed with this guide only if you face any similar BlueStacks app sync not working issue.

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If you are having it prior and facing the issue then let’s get started with the work-

After you face the issue, you all know that you have to configure your Google account again.

Step 1 – Your first step will be the configuration of Synchronization feature and for that you need to open the user interface of the BlueStacks App.

BlueStacks App Sync Not Working FIXED

Here you will find some icons at the top-My apps, 1-Click sync, search bar and top popular apps. Now on the right bottom of the sides you will see main navigation bar and that’s your target for now click a small icon of setting and go to settings.

Step 2 – Settings screen have all the basic options by which you can configure your account accordingly. On the fifth option you will find Manage Accounts click this setting for further process.

Step 3 – Manage Accounts is basically a folder in which you get to know from which accounts you have got sync till now and shows the added accounts list. To add an account click Add Account option this is at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4 – Now a list appears which shows all the accounts that can be synced or the accounts which you had already sync, this basically depends on the apps downloaded earlier. Thus the list may vary accordingly.

Step 5 – Now go to Google icon and click upon it. You will found a small description which is actually to let you know that one or more Google accounts can be added via BlueStacks. Continue to next step by clicking next.

Step 6 – Two questions will appear on the screen while clicking ‘Next’ and that is whether you want to add an account or create a new one.

If you have a Google accounts then press add an account or if you don’t have one create it. Now here I had an account so I clicked add an account.

Step 7 – Sign in by filling your email id and its password. One time setup is the next and last step of the process which is done after signing in.

Fix BlueStacks App Sync Not Working

Step 8 – Clicks continue and another window with 1-Click sync option pops out. Clicks proceed and you are redirected towards Google play log in.

Step 9 – Sign in similarly you did before by adding you email id and password. Select your device and click finish once synced.

One time setup is now done successfully and this is being told by another pop up. Click Finish and you are all done.

So wasn’t it so simple? I hope this sort out every BlueStacks app problems related to synchronization not working or related stuff.

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I know it was a little bit lengthy though. But we love playing Android games and apps on PC, so much, right?

You just have to go step by step and you can do it yourself easily. Once you complete the setup in this way you won’t be facing any problems i.e. BlueStacks App Sync Not Working issue, any further.

Also, you won’t be complaining about BlueStacks synchronization trouble any more. Don’t forget to share this guide with all your friends over social network, we got buttons for that, simply click on them. Cheers!

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