Easiest Method to Update Graphics Driver of Windows XP

Experiencing problem while updating graphics driver of Windows XP for BlueStacks or any other software or media file?

Then don’t worry because I am going to help you do that whether you’re using a laptop or PC.

Compatibility Issues

But before this let us move towards common issues which are related to Windows XP drivers-

  1. Compatibility– The most important and very common problem is related to the compatibility of the driver with Windows XP. So select one which is compatible to your OS.
  2. Hassle– Some new users find this updating process and finding drivers to be a hectic process and feels difficulty while doing so.
  3. Booting– time is required while this process, generally 10-15 minutes are needed so don’t take it as a waste of time.
  4. Crash– This generally happens when you don’t go for authentic driver so always select a popular driver and it will be more better if you go with the manufacturers driver as you know that they are recently updated and are safe for your PC.

Hence, to eradicate these problems we are here to guide you with simple steps by which you can easily Update Graphics Driver of Windows XP.

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Note – Since, you’re checking this guide because you wish to run BlueStacks or any other Android emulator, so make sure that Windows XP Service Pack 3 is installed on your computer or laptop, otherwise there is no way you can get in winning situation here.

How to Update Graphics Driver of Windows XP

First of all there are two ways to get it updated one by means of download and other automatically via your PC. So first I will be explaining you about the automatic process of update by your PC.

  • Go to Control Panel – For this, click Window Start button and you will find Control Panel option on the right side of the menu. Click it.
  • Now Click on Device Manager > Display Adapters – When you will open Control Panel you will find Device Manager click and go to Display Adapters option.
  • Device Manager > you get the graphic software, right-click and choose update driver software option.
  • How do you want to search driver software? This question appears in a dialog box then goes for search automatically updates drivers.
  • If Windows XP gets software automatically then restart your computer.

Manual Downloading Process

If it gets updated automatically then it’s done otherwise follow the instructions given below-

  • Download the correct Windows XP driver. I would suggest you to go for manufacturers site and find compatible recent up to date driver because if you go for any then if can lead to Windows crash down, malfunctions or even your PC can stop working.
  • Choose download location where it is feasible for you and you can access it easily.
  • Now run the file and go with the instructions mentioned.
  • Once done, restart your computer.

It’s quite easy to Update Graphics Driver of Windows XP even if you are a beginner.

Just go through the above mentioned process and your driver will be updated successfully.

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Remember to go step by step and still if you face any problem then check driver’s compatibility and then try again with the compatible one. Always go for certified driver and your PC will be up to date always.

If you still find any issues, then let me know them via discussion area beneath and I’ll bring a dedicated help to your end. If this helped, then don’t forget to share it with your social friends, cheers. 🙂