Common BlueStacks App Player Errors and Their Fixes

I am a proud gamer and let me tell you that I have played almost all popular games on my Android phone. Due to which my phone got slow and it was probably due to low storage issues or may be how badly I used it.

Then one day one of my friend introduced me with a great emulator named BlueStacks app player which downloads all the Android games and popular apps on my PC.

I wondered and quickly downloaded my favorite games on my PC which gave me a great and simple access. Also it saved my money which I was about to invest in buying a high-end Android device again.

Common BlueStacks App Player Errors and Their Fixes

But, my first few experiences with BlueStacks were not good which gave me a lot of experience. Because I wasn’t ready with give up. I knew that this software got potential and I’m going to make it run smoothly on my computing system.

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If you’re wondering about BlueStacks review, then we had already covered it and also you can find BlueStacks installation process for individual platforms.

About Common BlueStacks Errors and Their Fix

During the play I noticed many common errors (which were very annoying) and I wanted to fix them as this emulator was the best one amongst others. Sorry, for repeating it again, but I’m truly in love with it.

So this article is truly based on the common BlueStacks errors and their fix, so that you won’t be facing these problems and if you did, then you can resolve them easily.

So tie your shoe laces follow some tips and tricks I’ve added here to get common BlueStacks errors fixed quickly-

  1. Graphic card error and its fix-

Sometimes BlueStacks does not identify graphic card reader of your computer and to fix this, you have to update graphics card driver.

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And to resolve this clean uninstall BlueStacks (if installed earlier) and then again install fresh version of BlueStacks. You can update graphics card driver by following certain instructions-

My computer > select Manage > Device Management > Display Adapter > Click GPU > Driver, now update them.

This is how video card driver can affect BlueStacks performance and can hurt user experience you’re all set to gain. But I’ve added a fix for the BlueStacks video card error now. I hope it helps.

  1. Runtime Data Error and its fix-

This may be due to poor internet connection or may be due to some software configuration issues to get it solved you just have to uninstall the app and again install BlueStacks.

  1. Server problem and its fix-

This is again due to poor internet connection due to which it shown that no app was found and says you to check your internet connection.

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This is not a big problem and is just temporary one so wait for some time any reconnect to your internet.

  1. Hard drives access denied and its fix-

Sometimes you do not get files accessed through BlueStacks and you try hard for this. No need to worry about just drag the file and drop in the BlueStacks and send it or you can even install file manager which will help you combat this problem forever.

  1. Required 4GB physical memory-

When I am saying you about physical memory then don’t get confused because disk space is different. I have seen many users complaining that I have 100GB of free space but this memory is disk space not internal memory.

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You need at least 4GB RAM and if you don’t have, then you have to upgrade your RAM or either you have to buy new computer or laptop with at least 4GB of RAM or higher.

Or the best one is to download older version of BlueStacks App player which needed only 1GB of RAM.

Note – It may work in 2GB of RAM but don’t expect it to work smoothly. It will work very slow and even make other task slower.

Wrap up

Hope this guide resolved your entire problems or issues related to BlueStacks and my guide was helpful in helping you run the software without any issues further.

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Believe me, I have faced all these common BlueStacks errors problems but came out with the solutions that I shared with you just now.

Hope it helps, and if not then let me know the issue in discussion section so that I can come up with a dedicated solution.