BlueStacks Review (Unbiased) – Best Free Android App Player Software

This Android App Player lets you get those Android apps downloaded on your PC which you wanted for a long time. Here is a quick BlueStacks review (unbiased) which will give you an idea whether to use it or not.

All games and addicted apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber etc or games like Temple Run, Asphalt, Spiderman, Subway Surfer and many more can be now downloaded via BlueStacks in just one click.

BlueStacks User Interface

Just download and get going, but have you ever known what BlueStacks actually is and how it works and especially will it work for you?

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So today I will let you know about BlueStacks and the true picture of its interface and functions.

BlueStacks Review

The first best thing about the app is that it is available for almost all Windows OS including XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and Vista too. If we talk about other OS then it works on Mac and Linux too, overall good compatibility with different OS.

To check BlueStacks, we downloaded it in Windows 7 Ultimate and opened it.

Interface of BlueStacks Software

BlueStacks interface was quite simple and easy, thus here I mention it as a user-friendly interface. It opened with a cool white and grey combinational screen with four icons-

  1. My App– When you download apps then you get it here.
  2. Top chart– An icon with topmost and popular apps listing.
  3. 1-Click sync– When you want to send apps to your phone or tablet then this icon works and you can even transfer apps from your cell to your PC as well by just one click.
  4. App search– Makes your search easy just by clicking on it and typing the name of the app; you get that app within seconds on your screen.

BlueStacks Review

Not only this it contained many functions, especially if you make it full screen then you get Show Menu option when you click on the bottom left.

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I did same that is clicked on the button and it did nothing for me at that moment. Besides this option, there were more and one amongst them was Back button which I pressed and went to previous one.

Share button took screenshots of the downloaded apps and game pictures; this was quite helpful if you love social updates, as I posted it on Facebook.

Then we came to settings menu which was BlueStacks setting menu and contained a button at right and beside this there was an option called Cloud connect which was actually a data sending button on your phone or tablet.

By which you can send data like pics, apps etc. When we came to its setup we saw a register log and we tried to send messages many times for verification but I didn’t receive any.

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Settings included managing apps, language settings, and date and time any many more.

Apps installing

Apps installation was really great within a click after typing the name of app in the search bar we found results. I even tried to connect my tablet via 1-Click sync and after search it did it well and connected quickly.

BlueStacks app player Review

There were many free apps as well as paying apps so you can choose among and if you are choosing the paying apps then it is quite similar as we did in our androids.


The Keyboard of BlueStacks was overcrowded and was small too which made it difficult to type. So it’s better to use physical one for ease.


BlueStacks App player when downloaded on Windows 7 then I found it quite good. When I talk about its connectivity and app installation it was superior.

But it lacked some features like multitasking and restricted keyboard, so I would say that it is more than an average app for sure, but it needs little work to be done upon.