Everything You Should Know About BlueStacks App Player

When Android was everywhere then a need started rising up which was to somehow install Android OS on Windows or Mac PC or laptops and then enable using Android apps on PC or play Android games on PC.

This particular need was an opportunity in front of Rosen Sharma (owner of BlueStacks) and he founded a company which was backed up by investors like Intel, Samsung, Redpoint, Qualcomm, Citrix, etc.

Installing BlueStacks

The first product coming out of the BlueStacks Inc Company was BlueStacks app player which became very popular from day one. I’ll let you know everything about BlueStacks app player over here.

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About BlueStacks App Player

The popular of BlueStacks app player increased because it helped users to run Android apps on PC and also play Android games on PC.

It was launched in Beta version for first public version and now its more stable than earlier. Users didn’t stop themselves because of the beta version and still opted for using it.

There were many users who found lots of BlueStacks errors and troubles but still its user base increased like a storm.

BlueStacks App PlayerNow the latest version of BlueStacks app player is well stable and can run Android apps/games on PC pretty easily. It also works on older computers now but still its first requirement is to have an updated version of graphics driver since graphics quality of Android OS and its apps and games is a bit too high than PC standard.

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If you’re having a computer or laptop with standard graphics driver within then you’re unlikely to find any trouble. So this was information about BlueStacks app player or you can also take this as BlueStacks wiki.

Earlier Version of BlueStacks

The first beta version of this Android app player was very unstable and it didn’t work in most of the cases. Many users were complaining about lots of issues and one of them is that app sync feature wasn’t working.

The early version was also having lots of bugs as it was still in beta and it was tested with millions of users from all parts of the world who actively participated to try it.

Stable Version of BlueStacks

Old days are gone now. It’s time to upgrade to latest version of BlueStacks app player or else download latest version if you’re still a newbie for this software. You can get a first stable version of BlueStacks app player for free from its official website.

The latest version comprises of updated user interface and performance. The complete performance is having very few bugs and overall it works smoothly. Certain Google play services are also enabled within and you can even login with your Google account to set up 1ClickSync feature.

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The overall user interface looks like an Android device itself and you’ll find like you’re using an Android device itself rather than using a piece of crap. So go for it!

Features of BlueStacks App Player

  • It will let you install and play Android app or games right on Windows or Mac computer or laptop.
  • The software is free to use and you don’t need to pay for any hidden charges or paid features (since they don’t exist).
  • The software is having awesome and simple to use UI which is stable and performs smoothly (latest version).
  • Users can login with their Google account to enable synchronization feature so that data between their Android device and BlueStacks app player stays as common as possible.
  • Its installer is available in both online and offline form and also installation is very easy.

In one word, there are some other ways to install and operate Android OS on PC but still there is nothing better than BlueStacks app player for a normal user.

Social Profiles

If you care for efforts done by developing company then start following them on their social profiles. I’ve listed them below.

BlueStacks on Facebook

BlueStacks on Google+

BlueStacks on Twitter

These are official social profiles of developer company of app player.

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All set now?

I’m already feeling excitement inside you try out this Android app player software on your computer. Check out other tutorials I’ve shared (including installation process) for you over this help blog.